Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Blims - Working Class Poetry


The Blims

'Working Class Poetry'

Label : Unsigned.

A blog on Welsh Music wouldn't be right without mentioning surfer boys The Blims. They're a four-piece surf / accoustic / rock band from Bridgend, and their first album , 'Tell Everyone' was released in 2006. The band predominantly play at local gigs and festivals, and are a definite crowd pleaser at summer events. I've been lucky enough to catch a couple of their gigs in my home county of Pembrokeshire in the past.
Currently unsigned, it's really hard to imagine why.

Buffalo Summer

Welsh music is often stereo-typed into being a classical and celtic affair with choirs and harpists. And while this is true to some extent, there really is something for everyone in the Welsh music scene these days. There a new bands popping up everywhere on the local scene with new and exciting sounds. Take 'Buffalo Summer' for example, who played recently at Swansea's very own Sin City nightclub. Their countrified sound really gets your feet tapping, and with the strong, unique guitar riffs in 'Down By The River', they instantly draw the fans in. With a name like ' Buffalo Summer', they could easily be an American country band, and they definitely give off that cool, laid-back vibe.
Definitely worth a listen to and if you can manage to get to see them at a gig, even better!

Check them out here