Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Blims - Working Class Poetry


The Blims

'Working Class Poetry'

Label : Unsigned.

A blog on Welsh Music wouldn't be right without mentioning surfer boys The Blims. They're a four-piece surf / accoustic / rock band from Bridgend, and their first album , 'Tell Everyone' was released in 2006. The band predominantly play at local gigs and festivals, and are a definite crowd pleaser at summer events. I've been lucky enough to catch a couple of their gigs in my home county of Pembrokeshire in the past.
Currently unsigned, it's really hard to imagine why.

'Working Class Poetry' is the second album release from the Welsh indie rockers, released four years ago in 2008. Whilst it still  encompasses their fun, bright, summery style from the first record, it's clear to see that the band has progressed. This album has an overall more polished feel to it, with each song telling its own story.  

According to their Facebook page, the guys were brought together by a 'passion for surfing', and when listening to their tracks, this definitely shines through. Tracks such as 'Fat Russell Brand'  and 'Lucy Loo' really create the idea of chilling on the beach in the sunshine with a cold cider, beer, or elderflower spritzer (for the sensible ones).

With the exception of laid-back 'What I Really Want', which is a slow - tempo track which shows off Martin Dann's breezy vocals brilliantly, and 'Sycamore Tree', the majority of the thirteen tracks on this album showcase The Blims' trademark quirky, surfy, up-tempo sound. 

Their influences include artists like Jack Johnson, Matt Costa, and John Mayer, and if you're looking for an under the radar band to show-off to your friends with, then The Blims will be right up your street.

Stand out tracks on the album for me are opening track 'Four Letter Word', and funny track 'Hurricane Joseph' with it's hilariously blunt lyrics; ' I wouldn't want to be a mum, giving birth looks painful not fun'. 'Sometimes' is also a favourite, and hints at a more indie rock genre.

The band are currently working on a third album set for release in spring of this year,  and if the last two are anything to go by, then it's set to be a cracker of a record which would go down well on any summers day.

Overall, 'Working Class Poetry' does just what it says on the tin. It's approximately forty-five minutes of laid-back, sun-drenched tracks, with lyrics we can all relate to. The Blims really are a true Welsh gem that needs to be discovered.

They've certainly brought out the sunshine here in Swansea..... 8/10

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  1. This is a really professional looking blog and your passion for music comes across well. I am always looking for some good home grown bands to support so I will certainly be returning. Next stop for me is The Blims!

  2. I've gotta agree with Rhys, this is a great looking layout which suits your blog perfectly. The way you combine your genuine interest in music with professional critique is brilliant!


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