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Music is a fundamental part of most people’s lives. It’s present in our everyday activities, memories, the entertainment we enjoy, and, whether we realize it or not we all have our own personal soundtracks.

Obviously, some of us enjoy music more than others, and for those of us, discovering a new artist or genre can be seriously exciting. The music scene in Wales is ever – changing, and with such a rich musical heritage, it’s important to respect the roots of Welsh music as well as the numerous emerging musical talents.

As a genuine music lover and current Head of Music at Xtreme Radio Swansea University, I have access to thousands of exciting new artists, and recognize the need to appreciate music of all different genres, and share them with people who may not have access to them.

Aside from the official Welsh music blog by the BBC, and various blogs in the medium of Welsh, there is not currently an active blog online which encompasses Welsh music across different genres. I intend to change this.

With this blog, I hope to highlight Wales’ huge talent bank of musicians, encouraging readers to discover new talent as well as learn about classical and Welsh folk music. I also hope to showcase local bands and provide readers with regular updates of new music. Readers will be able to access links to musicians’ own web pages, as well as links to online music streaming services like Spotify, Soundcloud and Last.Fm.

The blog should appeal to all music lovers across Wales, and the fact that it will focus on English speaking music as well as Welsh music, means that people outside of Wales will also have the opportunity to appreciate the content. The references to Welsh musical heritage and how it has progressed over the centuries may also appeal to teachers and learners, and may provide the basis for lessons or online learning. It will be written in an informal yet informative style, in order to have the widest appeal to all readers.

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