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Interview With The Rookz

 The Rookz' Facebook Page

'Boom. Pow. Cheeky'.

Three words that aren't often used together to describe a band? But that's how singer and guitarist Jordan Chapell described his Swansea and Llanelli-based group, 'The Rookz'.

At first I didn't understand how these three words could represent a band at all, but after listening to their music, I can almost understand it; their cheeky lyrics and  musical talent definitely create an impact or 'boom', and although I'm not sure where the 'Pow' comes in to it, it must be there somewhere! (Maybe they just really like The Black Eyed Peas?!)

I caught up with Jordan and asked him a few more questions.
Originally known as 'The Undecided', the Rookz have been together for around two years and the band comprises of:

Jordan Chapell - Vocals / guitar

Matthew Davies - Keyboard

Darren Richards - Lead guitar

Lloyd Hill - Bass

Jimmy Martin - Drums
Rookz' Facebook page.

When asked where their unusual name originated from, Jordan said:
'One of the boys came up with an idea as one of the chess pieces as a name, and the rook stood out. It was only meant as a substitute name while we thought of a decent one but it stuck, so we kept using it'.
Their music is a mixture of pop, indie and blues, and their musical influences range from musicians such as Ray Charles, and Jimi Hendrix all the way to bands like The Arctic Monkeys and Blink 182,
'We all have different influences so we mashed all our ideas up and the sound that came out seemed right!'
The boys have an impressive catalogue of songs. Ones to watch include cheekily titled, 'Monster In My Pants' , 'Trouble', which is an indie ballad infused with jazzy keyboard riffs, and new release for 2012 'Alcohol'; a toe-tapping song just in time for the summer.

The Rookz' lyrics are often pretty powerful, especially in new song and my own personal favourite, 'With You', and it seems Jordan takes a lot of inspiration from things that happen in everyday life,

' I usually write when I'm really happy angry or upset, so all of my feelings are my lyrics. It’s therapeutic for me, gives me a chance to release my emotions without taking them out on someone else.'
Comparing their older work to new releases, it's plain to see that their sound has progressed even in the short space of two years,
'It feels as though as we mature the lyrics and the sound do as well. We went from writing songs about a monster in my pants and getting drunk all the time, to love songs and the different relationships you have with people as you grow up. However we're still all pretty childish, we don’t want to lose that side and become boring'
The band seem to be pretty well received within the local community and rightly so, but when asked about their rising popularity, front-man Jordan was very modest,
'It’s not for us to say really, we seem to get plenty of gigs and the reaction we get it always good, but you’ll have to find out yourself, we can’t speak for others! '
The band regularly play at gigs and venues across South Wales and last year performed at Pembrey Country Park festival Beach Break, as well as Llanelli-based concert 'Enjoy', which saw them performing alongside the likes of The Saturdays, Wretch 32 and Tinchy Stryder, '
The Rookz with 'The Saturdays' from their Facebook Page
'we felt like big stars for a day.'
It seems as though The Rookz are destined for success. With their hard-working attitudes and growing fan-base as well as being named 'Band of Choice' for Premiership Football Team Swansea City in 2011, they are definitely one to watch out for this year; perhaps they'll be the next big Welsh talent to break into fame?
'It’s been a long time since anyone Welsh hit the music industry but I’m hoping we'll worm our way in somehow! There are a lot of good band out there that haven’t been recognised yet in South Wales, you just need a slice of luck! We’ve just recorded a few more songs, also we are looking to get back in the studio again soon. There should be a lot more music released and many more gigs; there's exciting things going on behind the scenes which you may hear about soon!' 
If you like what you hear why not visit their Facebook or Twitter  page or try and find them at a gig near you soon. Alternatively, you can write your comments below !


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