Sunday, 18 March 2012

Artist of the Week: March 18th

I've decided I need to re-vamp my blog up a bit, and hopefully my new 'Artist of The Week' idea should do just that.

Each week I will be focusing on a different Welsh artist in order to share the gloriousness that musicians in Wales have to offer.

So to kick things off here's this week's artist Isaac Wadsworth

I came across this hidden gem of an artist whilst listening to Adam Walton's show on Radio Wales this weekend. His track 'Flowers and Chocolates' instantly intrigued me and I knew I had to hear more.

Isaac Wadsworth is a singer-songwriter who, according to his website is currently studying in North Wales.

His tracks, which he has uploaded to his SoundCloud profile, showcase perfectly his soulful and striking voice, and he has a clarity and sincere quality to his vocals.

Stand out songs for me have to be 'Thanks For Nothing' and 'I Should Never Have Let You Go', both of which couple beautiful lyrics and dreamy acoustic guitar accompaniments. 

I would describe Mr Wadsworth as an acoustic rock artist, but there is a definite hint of folk and country influences in his music too, especially with the wailing harmonica of 'Un-Easy'

I literally don't know much more about this gentleman other than that he is from North Wales and an outstanding musician, but after listening to his seven tracks, I certainly think he is one to watch; a really exciting new artist.

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