Sunday, 18 March 2012

' The Ultimate iPad'

This week saw the UK launch of the new, third generation iPad; Apple's latest offering of technological genius.

Friday 16th March, less than a year after the release of it's predecessor, was the official release date for the iPad 3, and as expected it caused much hype and anticipation around the world.

But will these two eager beavers, pictured here queuing at the London Apple store FIVE DAYS before the release date, be pleased with the latest iPad model, and is this one really any different to the last two models?

With prices starting from £399, the new iPad 3 boasts new and exciting features which would surely tickle the tastebuds of any techie fan. Including:

5 Mega Pixel iSight Camera

This enables the user to record videos and capture pictures with stunning HD quality.

With features such as built-in face detection, autofocus, and advanced optics technology, it's seemingly impossible to take a poor quality image.

Ultra Fast Wireless

The new technology used in the iPad 3 means it has a larger frequency spectrum, which in layman's terms, means that almost everywhere you go with your new iPad, you should be able to access the net. 

It also supports fast mobile networks across the globe too, meaning you shouldn't have to wait for your favourite websites to buffer.

A5 - X Graphics Chip

This 'quad-core' graphics chip supports four times more pixels than the iPad 2 did, and is a major breakthrough in pixel technology

It basically means that picture quality improves, without losing any of the fluidity and sleekness.

Retina Display

Perhaps the biggest difference with the new iPad 3 is the razor sharp 'retina display'. With tablets, the display is the most important part, and in this instance, Apple have out-done themselves.

This nifty gadget on the Apple website enables you to compare the differences in quality between the iPad 2 and 3, and there is no denying the exceptional improvement.

According to Apple, you can still expect to get up to ten hours battery life to read, watch, listen and do just about anything on your iPad. Happy days!

But what can you do on your iPad? The answer is, literally just about anything.

You can access the iTunes music store for all your musical needs, and the retina display means your album art will look like a masterpiece from any angle.

You can also access Youtube, to view your favourite new music videos, or take advantage of the many apps from the appstore.

Like Groovebug,

the 'personalized music magazine' or VEVO,
a music and entertainment service that showcases thousands of bands and artists, all with a swish of your finger on the iPad.

This all seems too good to be true.
 Is it? 
Some critics have suggested that British customers will miss out on the 4G networking feature, as 4G has yet to hit the UK.

One Daily Mail reporter said :

'4G networks have yet to roll out in the UK, with even optimistic projections putting the launch at the end of the year, by which time, Apple will no doubt be on the verge of launching another iPad.'

Is there a huge difference between the iPad 2 and the iPad 3? Visually, no. Technically, yes. There is no denying that this new generation tablet has built upon and improved the already popular iPad, offering new features and the ability to access cutting edge technology on a personal level.

However if you're not too bothered about specification and fancy retina displays, it might be better to stick to the cheaper option and buy an iPad 2. 

Despite some criticism, it seems that Apple have done it again. The new iPad 3 puts the company leaps and bounds ahead of other tablet companies such as Android, and with over 55 million units sold since its debut in 2010, it seems the public have firmly grasped the idea of the iPad, and they don't look set to let go any time soon.

Here's the official advert for the iPad 3.

Do you have an iPad 3 or want one? Share your comments below!

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